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    The deep research440-10
    Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber bulletproof2-10

    Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPE UPE The molecular weight700All the above Better material selection (Replace the imported products)

    Diversification of products,Meet your requirements

     Personalized to provide customers with the best quality、Security、Environmental stability of services。
     Provide the most suitable material,Reduce the cost to achieve a win-win goal。
     Diversified product solutions to meet the needs of various customers。
     Efforts to build quality、Security、Efficient product,Focus on research and development of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene、Production、Sales、Trade as one integrated company。

    Strict production process,Let you rest assured

     The company has a professional production technology team。
     Our material quality、Security、Environmental protection,Choose us。
     We will product quality and service level as an important task of development。
     Efforts to build quality、Security、Efficient product,Focus on research and development of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene、Production、Sales、Trade as one integrated company。

    According to different environment design for products

     Our customers all over the world。
     Our high product qualityASTMThe standard is well received by worldwide customers。
     According to different working condition of recommended products,Efforts to build quality、Security、Efficient product。
     Efforts to build quality、Security、Efficient product,Focus on the high performance ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene product research and development、Production、Sales、Trade as one of the company。
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    Zhuzhou city du can new materials co., LTD

          Zhuzhou city du can new materials co., LTDWas established2001Years,Professional development and production of high performance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE)Engineering plastic products,And the wear resistance、Antifriction、Self-lubricating、Is not binding、Impact resistance、Corrosion resistance of the material to obtain the very good application。The company specializes in ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMW-PE)、Fluorine plastic(PTFE)、Filament winding reinforced thermoplastics such as high-performance materials of advanced manufacturing technology and application development。And the high performance engineering plastics、Chemical products production and sales, etc。Can replace the imported products。
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    Certificate of high and new innovation fund project ISO9001

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      Congratulations to zhuzhou du can new material co., LTD. Web site upgrade

      Congratulations to zhuzhou du can new material co., LTD. Web site upgrade release time:2017-01-18Congratulations to zhuzhou du can new material co., LTD. Web site upgrade! Zhuzhou city du to new material co., LTD ultra-high molecular weight polyethyleneUHMWPEProducts,Adopt high quality raw materials manufacturing,The molecular weight720--920Wan。Products:Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE)Steel tubes,Pipeline,Bar,The plank,Anti-staticUPE-ESDBoard as wellUPEFilm, etc;Do not contain any additives,Color is grey(Pure white),Comply withFDARequirements。Products:Auto parts,High rollers,Ceramic roll head,Guide chute,Sliding bearing,Shaft sleeve,Precision moulding machine parts, etc。
    Product applications 

    • Q Ultra-high molecular weight polyethyleneUHMWPEThin film

      A Ultra-high molecular weight polyethyleneUHMWPEThin film
       Du to ultra-high molecular weight polyethyleneUHMWPEThin film products,Adopt high quality raw materials manufacturing,Minimum of molecular weight300Wan,To achieveASTMRequirements。Ultra-high molecular weight polyethyleneUHMW-PEThin film is widely used in insulating materials、Furniture MATS、The mouse MATS、Slide、The resistance to the panel、Food JiaGongTai panel, etc,Specifications:0.1mm—1.6mmx100mm.
    • Q The characteristics of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene roller

      A The characteristics of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene roller:
          1、Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has the very good self-lubrication and cohesiveness,So in the roller surface adhesion and accumulation of material。
          2、The friction coefficient of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is much lower than steel,SoUHMWPERoller smooth operation more flexible。
          3、Long service life,Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear resistance is steel7Times、Nylon3Times,More than all the engineering plastics,There is“Wear the king”Said。AndUHMWPERoller shock resistance is very good,Hard to break、Touch bad,In fact when doing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material impact toughness test cannot be swept away。Life is a metal roller3—5Times。
          4、Greatly extend the life of the belt,Due to theUHMW-PERoller surface no caking,Don't rust,Since the lubricity,So the belt has better protective。On the other hand also won't produce“A bite”The belt,Even in the roller one thousand when not in rotation,Will not damage the belt。In fact,Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has been used as a belt、Chain, such as the protection of the lining material。
          5、Operation cost is low,A significant economic benefits。UHMW-PEThe idler light weight(Generally only for steel rollers of the weight of the same specification1/3—1/2),Easy installation and replacement is,Reduce the labor intensity and maintenance,And can save power consumption about16%。
          6、Effectively reduce the running noise,Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has a good impact energy absorbing and damping,Can effectively eliminate the noise and vibration。

      Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene roller,TD75Type of roller,DTIIType of roller,High rollers,Under the super high rollers,Ultra high conical self-aligning roller,High friction self-aligning roller,Hanging roller,Buffer roller,Ultra high roller roller,HDPEPlastic roller,HDPERoller
    • Q Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe

      AProduct introduction of ultra-high tube
      Zhuzhou du to ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE)Pipe is a rookie in pipe。Products adopt high quality raw materials manufacturing,Are all pure components,Do not contain any additives,Molecular weight is minimal700All the above。In the solid particles、Powder、Slurry transportation and all kinds of corrosive gas,Fluid conveying for the ideal of tubing。

      Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe, as a kind of excellent comprehensive properties of new type engineering plastic pipeMaterial,With its superior performance,Can be used for all kinds of high corrosion resistance、High adhesion、High wear resistance of liquid or solid-liquid mixture,Widely used in mines、Steel mill、Thermal power plant、Chemical plant、Oil field in all kinds of acid、Lye、Crude oil、Refined petroleum products、Tailings slurry、Coal water slurry、Power plant ash discharge、Transfer of slag discharge, etc,Under the condition of strong corrosion and high wear is steel tube service life6-10Times。Fully show using ultra-high pipelineEnergy saving、Environmental protection、The economy、EfficientThe superiority of。

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