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        Holding off the coast of the big winners of lottery ticketsiosCo., LTD(To raise)Is in the coastal industrial big winner in the lotteryiosCompany on the basis of mixed comprehensive enterprise change into the big winner in the lotteryios。Big winner in the lotteryiosWas established1993Years12Month,The initial several large enterprises set up by the capital,Approved by the name of the state administration for industry and commerce and established according to law,The company registered capital of one hundred million yuan。

        After the coast25Years of hard work and struggle,Coast of the big winners of lottery ticketsiosChanged from small to big,By weak strength,Business extends up to a field,The business scope expanding,Already developed now become advantage comprehensive enterprise assets over billions of big winner in the lotteryios。

        The shores and the big winner of lottery ticketsiosGrow up together,In the change、Calm to deal with challenges and opportunities,Positive enterprising,In the continuous learning and practice experience accumulation,The countenance。

        Passing by25Years of development,Coast of the big winners of lottery ticketsiosAt the beginning of its establishment by only engaged in a single international trade business,Gradually extends to the real estate development、Bonded business、Biological medicine、Tourism、Air charter flights and logistics and other fields。Since2005In the beginning,Big winner in the lotteryiosShifting towards a greater focus on clean energy and mineral areas,Has now become a big winner in the lotteryiosA very important。
        Since2013To begin,Big winner in the lotteryiosBegin to pay close attention to and study“...

    Big winner in the lotteryiosThe business

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