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WasteBaling press

Used in the paper、Paper、The cartons、Straw、Plastics、Compressed packaging cans and other waste。
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Plastic hydraulic baling press

Straw hydraulic baling press

Carton hydraulic baling press

Waste paper hydraulic baling press

CreaturesPellet machine

Rice husk、Peanut shell、Corn cob、Rapeseed shell、Wood chips、The straw、Straw、Waste materials such as straw。
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Electronic quantitative packaging said(No fighting)

Vertical ring die pellet machine

Horizontal flat die pellet machine

The biomass straw particles

LongmenThe shearing machine

All kinds of shape steel、Steel billet、Iron wire、Wire rope、The Angle iron、Steel bar、Nickel plate、Steel plate, etc。
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Hydraulic gantry cutting

Metal shears

Alligator shears

The hydraulic shears

The dryerEquipment

Applied to the coal、Sand、Wood chips、The sawdust、Crop straw、Chicken manure、Materials such as wood drying。
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Fruit and vegetable drier

Chicken manure dryer

The three-cylinder dryer

Drum dryer


Provide free samples analysis report,A feasibility study and combined with the local environmental terrain analysis。
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Founded in strength

  • Quality management
  • Production capacity
  • On-site inspection
  • After-sales service
Quality management

Quality management

Superior technology of SBC machinery,From the strict request,From the pursuit of excellence。The company has strict quality control process,Be a model for many mechanical equipment manufacturers。

Production capacity

SBC has many sets of international machinery、Leading domestic large-scale processing equipment,Ensure that SBC biomass pellet machine、Grain dryers、Scrap baling press product quality and supply。

On-site inspection

China machinery combine professional technology and leading process,Won every customer's respect and praise!Became much customers trust professional mechanical equipment manufacturers。

On-site inspection

After-sales service

Zhengzhou SBC machinery is located in the domestic machinery and equipment production enterprise leading position。The dryer in the world、Baling press、Pellet machine、Aerated block production enterprises。Is renowned at home and abroad of large mechanical equipment manufacturers。

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 Zhengzhou China machinery equipment co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research、Development、Production、Sales of the dryer、Baling press、Pellet machine、Aerated block as one of the manufacturers,

Our factory has been adhering to the“Not the best,Only better”And“Detail decides success or failure”Manufacturing concept,With high quality and high reputation solid to develop the market Field;With their own wisdom and hard work,Draw seriously summed up the use of the customer experience,Inherit the advantage,To improve the deficiencies,The development and production out of the third generation of vertical ring die pellet machine,Further promote the biomass granulating equipment more hasten is excellent。

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