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Luoyang liu mould co., LTD Liushi Mould

Design、Manufacture of epc mold

Contact phone number:0379-67029999

Luoyang liu mould co., LTD
Liu mould co., LTD., established in luoyang 2001 Years,Is the industry standard for epc with shape forming die units。The company is located in one thousand、The peony huacheng luoyang,It is a high and new technology enterprise in henan province,Have built

Luoyang airport industrial park of key enterprises

The transportation is convenient Strong

The company is located in the imperial city in one thousand、Peony huacheng—The city of luoyang,Has a building area of3600m2The office building,As well9000 m2The production workshop,Research and development、Design、The casting、Mechanical processing、Assembly、Surface treatment equipment is complete。Company existing staff220More than,Including professional mold design engineers36Name、Senior technician39Name;With numerical control processing equipment30Taiwan、General processing equipment28Taiwan、Three coordinates measuring instrument1Taiwan、Reverse the scanner1Taiwan。

According to customer requirements to provide a full range of lost foam casting technology

Advanced technology Development and innovation

Using computer 3 d design、Programming,Computer aided processing technology,AdoptedFMThe method of casting aluminum die blanks,Combining with teflon(TEFLON)Surface coating processing technology,Make the mould quality、Precision、Efficiency、Life have reached the industry standard。Company technical personnel on-site guidance die assembly、Use、Trial production,Free maintenance

Have a number of qualifications、Honor

Rich experience Many cooperation customers

Adhering to the design、Lean production、Sincere service、High-quality goods of the business philosophy,Efforts to provide customers with satisfactory products and services。After years of development and innovation,Has become a mold for the epc supplier。

Luoyang liu mould co., LTD
- Mould supplier-
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Luoyang casting mould manufacturer

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