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      Tianjin tong prestressed steel strand co., LTD,Is based on scientific management mechanism to form a largeSupport with steel strandUnbonded steel strandThe manufacturers,The company is located in the sea of tranquility in tianjin area DaQiuZhuang industrial zone,Registered capital of one hundred million yuan。As a professionalMine steel strandManufacturer,The company established a perfect enterprise management system and quality management system,ThroughISO9000-2008Quality management system certificationIs the company's consistent standards of quality system management。Advanced production technology and testing equipment to ensure the product quality,Our company is professional at the same time...

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The quality of the steel strand

Stranded wire is a kind of commonly used in industrial products,Type rich variety,But are made of wire twisted and become more products,Although not too difficult,But it also can't ignore the quality and safety,On the choice must pay attention to。Steel strand, as a kind of industrial products,When the choice must pay attention to its external quality,Want to...
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Tianjin tong prestressed steel strand co., LTD
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