Company profile
Liaocheng city wei steel co., LTDAbundant funds,Supply of goods,The transportation is convenient,Mainly engaged in production of high-pressure alloy pipe mills、High pressure boiler tube、In the low pressure boiler tube、Chemical fertilizer equipment dedicated pipe,Large diameter rectangular tubes、Thick wall pipe、Fluid tube、Petroleum cracking tube, and other items for your choose and buy,Over the past few years through the joint efforts of all staff,Able to accurately grasp the information and opportunities,At a rapid speed,To accumulate,Constantly improve,Enterprise scale to better development,And with high quality products won the trust of our customers。
The company perennial sales and distribution:Shandong seamless steel tube、Chengdu at pangang、Baotou steel、Metallurgical steel、Baosteel、Anshan iron and steel and so on several big steel mills。The company has modern large open-air library and indoor library,Inventory of baosteel alloy tube and panzhihua steel pipes、Alloy sheet、The alloy elbow,In stock3000Tons。My company funds is strong,Supply of goods,The transportation is convenient,The Lord...[More and more]
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