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Full power co., LTD., shandong province, China(简称“Full power”)Formally established2010Years10Month,Is specialized in all kinds of generators(Diesel、Gasoline、The fuel gas)The research and development、Production and sales of modern private enterprises。Company is located in the beautiful scenery、The talents“Kite capital of the world”——Weifang in China,The total registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan,Fixed assets2000More than ten thousand yuan,Can realize annual output value of nearly one hundred million yuan。
At present,China all products have been sold well all over the country and exported to many countries and regions in the world,Business throughout five continents。By the companyISO9001:2008The international quality management system、ISO14001:2004Environmental management system certification authority certification, etc,And won the China energy-saving products(CQC)Authentication certificate,Authorized the use of“CQC”Mark。2015Years12Month,Were identified for department and other departments in shandong province“The provincial high-tech enterprises”,Enterprise technology center was identified as weifang engineering technology research center。Enterprise was awarded the shandong university innovation practice base、Shandong credible unit contract award。Self-support right of import and export。
Choose a China full reason:Attention to detail and perfect,"All China"No brand generatorThe best,OnlyFor the better!
My company produces generator has many advantages:All electronic speed,Environmental protection,Dedicated to generate electricity,Low emissions,Low noise,Low fuel consumption,High reliability!
The following is in accordance with the diesel generator set as an example,Explain our product advantage for everyone!
The radiator
With fans and safety guard,Using closed tank as a whole,Its core is composed of staggered radiator pipe and heat sink。
Cylinder liner
Our company used in diesel engine cylinder liner for plasma cylinder liner,Better wear resistance。
Rocker arm
Our company sets the rocker arm used for coarse rocker arm,Not easy to break。
The motor rotor
Generator rotor is always growing45Cm,More winding copper wire,Electricity generated more,Very stable!
The battery
Our company use maintenance free battery,No pollution,Life is long,Low internal resistance。
The strainer
Our company used strainer for patent design,To strengthen the support,Should not be broken。
Increase the battery life,Effectively prevent
In the case of unattended,Unit wiring harness due to long-term work such as high temperature fire accident happened。
The control box
The lacquer that bake、Upset、Plastic spraying、Reinforcement technology such as assembly line。To extend the current effectively、Voltage、The service life of the frequency table。
The flywheel
Our company use flywheel design according to the drawing requirements processing,Inspection equipment,The weight of the foot,Good balance。
The oil pan
My company used diesel engine oil pan material thickness,Should not be crack。
The cylinder block
Our company used cylinder body for the standard configuration,Cylinder wall thickness long service life。
Damping block
Effectively reduce the vibration,And long service life,Rust,The role of the earthquake。
My company engine used for silicone rubber material,Should not be broken,Quality is guaranteed。
Our new generating set the chassis used for steel tank chassis,By sandblasting rust proofing,Durable。
Note:Other external not obvious there are essential differences between components,Such as used by our companyThe motorAdopt copper material,Power and not burn out;Diesel engine is usedA generatorFor pure copper coils,Generating capacity;The water tankAdopt double row water tank,The cooling area is large;Diesel engine is usedThe whole car MATSFor all mat of asbestos,Good sealing,The cylinder headReasonable design of the airway,High strength,Good performance of diesel engine is started,Burn adequately,The smoke is small,Fuel efficiency;High pressure oil pumpUsed weifu hi-tech oil pump、Beijing day filling oil pump、Longkou steyr pump、Nanyue hengyang high-tech pump, etc,Product quality is stable,Speed control smoothly,Responsive,Oil pressure evenly;The crankshaftUsing whedon tianrun crankshaft,Be considered"China recognized brand-name products",Material for crankshaftQT800-3High strength ductile iron,All axis neck sudden fire treatment or nitriding treatment on the surface,To improve the wear resistance。
Full reason to choose China 2:China unique of full power7Big business advantage
1.Full power co., LTD. Shandong ChinaFactory direct sales model,Do not set the middlemen,Reduce the product cost,Direct benefit to the consumer,Achieve the high quality and low price,To offer more end users。
2.Our company provides professionalTechnical guidance,According to customer requirements,The company will transferTechnical personnel door-to-door service,So far we are in charge of the church for clients won't operation。
3.Our company is equipped withTmall stores,Worried about security fundsCustomers can pay to Tmall stores,After receiving the goods again to confirm the delivery of the shop。
4.The geographical position is superior,Traffic developed,Logistics is very convenient,We arranged in shandong provinceCar delivery and is responsible for debugging,We provide logistics outside the provinceOne-stop deliveryAnd presentedFilter and carbon brush
5.We promise:All over the country new and old customer to full power field,Thus producedAll the costs(Travel back and forth, etc)Shall be borne by the company。
6. 10Minutes to respond to customer calls,24Hours around the clock technical and business support,In addition,We provide professional systematic solution,Deal with the project requirements of different industries。
7.Qualifications full power co., LTD. Shandong China regular,Strong,High industry recognition,Won the industry before and afterThe engine and generator brand enterprise of direct authorization,IncludingWeichai power、Guangxi yuchai、Dongfeng cummins and star electric etcBrand enterprise,The following is aSome enterprises of authorization

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